Plant API Logs

Plant API Logs

March 19, 2024

New Upcoming Species: Will be implementing NEW species soon to be released. Gbif might be implemented as well Species

November 29, 2023

Refining Data: Refined some plant data for dimensions and other areas Species

November 02, 2023

New API Coming: Identification API is coming out soon. Hoping to release either this year or by early next year New
Added More Images: Added more images for all species 1-12,000+ Species

July 19, 2023

New Response Fields: Added new response fields for plant species details - dimensions(new size) - depth_water_requirement(how much water required in ml) - volume_water_requirement(how much water required in feet) - watering_period(when to water) - watering_general_benchmark(how often to water) - plant_anatomy(plant parts and their attributes like color) - pruning_month(When to prune) - pruning_count(How often to prune) - seeds(If contains seeds) - harvest_season(When to harvest the fruit) Species
Response Fields That Are Now FREE: For All Users these are now FREE cause why not & I feel like it - pest_susceptibility(pest that it may attract) - flowering_season(When the plant starts to have flowers) - flower_color(color of flowers but it will be deprecated soon) - medicinal(it got healing effects) - poisonous_to_humans(u might die or get sick) - poisonous_to_pets(ur dog might die or get sick) Species
Other Images Field Available To Supreme Users: A new field that shows other images for the plant species in details is now available! Species
Plant Guides Completed: All plant guides are completed for watering, sunlight and pruning but there will be a mass refining & improvement taking place daily Guides

June 04, 2023

Added More Plant Guides: Around 650 guides has been added! Guides

May 14, 2023

Hired Plant Expert Writers: Hired some plant experts to help write on propagation/propagation techniques & plant diseases. Hopefully to have it done by the end of May! Note

May 14, 2023

Added More Images: Added more images for plant species(4000-6000) Finally have officially done 1-10000 😎 Species
New API Access Changes: So I made a change to allow both Free and Premium Users to enjoy some of the perks that were previously only available to Supreme Users. Now, everyone can access guides and hardiness maps as samples, but please note that this applies specifically to only species 1-3000 New

May 10, 2023

Added More Images: Added more images for plant species(3000-4000) Species

May 09, 2023

Website was on maintenance: Sorry if you experienced issues with the API on this day. There was a temporary 30 min shutdown due to an upgrade I made for the website. We now have more storage meaning more pictures and more species that will be added in soon! 😀😀 Note

May 05, 2023

Added More Images: Added more images for plant species(8000-10000) Species

April 29, 2023

Guides Added: Around 330 guides has been added! Guides

April 28, 2023

Started Compressing Images: I started compressing all the images for all species so it would speed up the content delivery Note

April 26, 2023

Hardiness Parameter Now Added: I have now added a hardiness parameter where you can search species by hardiness zones 1-13. So If you want plants in Hardiness Zones 3-5, the parameter would be "hardiness=3-5". New
Hardiness Map Added: You can now integrate a hardiness map on your application by Iframe from the API. The hardiness map shows the hardiness zones on a global map. To see the hardiness zone maps make an API call to the 'api/species/details/' for a species and it will show up like this in the response somewhere under "hardiness_location". New

April 25, 2023

Idea Suggested: I had a few people suggesting a way to search through the species API by hardiness, so I have decided to make that happened. It will be released soon. Maybe tmr. Thank you! Note

April 20, 2023

Added More Images: Added more additional images for plant species(7000-8000) Species Species
Added More Images: Added more additional images for plant diseases Disease
Hired Guide Writer: Hired someone to write and generate guides on plant species Note

April 13, 2023

Added More Images: Added more additional images for plant species(6000-7000) Species

April 11, 2023

Added More Images: Added more images for plant species(1-1000) Species

April 09, 2023

Revised Country Origin: Went over the origin for all the plant species Species
Revised Hardiness Zone & Added Hardiness section: Went over the hardiness zones for plant species and added USDA area for the hardiness section Species

April 08, 2023

First Log: Well first log so ye not sure what to say lmao. Finished making the API log page Note